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Greetings, earthlings.  The usual gang got together and recorded a podcast about various videogame related content.  What exactly did we talk about?  Read on to find out.

  • Hero Academy
  • Diablo III
  • Darksiders 2
  • Sleeping Dogs
  • Dark Souls
  • Iron Brigade
  • Awesomenauts
  • Smite
  • New Super Mario Bros. 2
  • Nintendo Power
  • Break! (Music: "Katana Blaster [Constantly Playing Mix]" by Big Giant Circles)
  • Polygon documentary
  • Dust: an Elysian Tale
  • The Last Story
  • Guild Wars 2
  • Siebzehn
  • Descent: Journeys in the Dark (Second Edition)
  • Puzzle Craft

So as usual, you can stream or download our show below, or subscribe to us on iTunes.  Let us know in the comments what you think!

Listen Now:

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